6 -year-old son’s mother, wearing a salwar-suit, will wear dust for foreigners in WWE ring

New Delhi: Even though WWE competing against it seems cruel, cramped and violent, an Indian woman has decided to show her stand in international competition. She is the first Indian woman to go to the WWE Championship ring. I have to work hard to get a son’s mother in the ring. World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the internationally known ‘Hard Caddy’ poem, is currently taking train training in Orlando and Florida, according to a three-year contract with WWE. The special thing is that poetry goes to the ring wearing traditional Indian costume salwar-suits.
Poetry said in an interview, “I am very proud of being in the ring by wearing the costume of our Indian culture and wearing a suit and shoot. I am the only woman to wear a salwar shoot wore ring. Indian girls do not like to go to the WV Wrestling competition with clothes. I have broken this assumption and now the girls of our country are getting more motivated. “
Poetry said that the salwar-suit did not ever interfere in his performance. The mother of six-year-old son, Kavita, married in 2009, in an orthodox family, where she has to work hard to make the conditions favorable. Childhood poetry with five brothers and sisters in the farmer family has been very difficult.

Haryana’s Jinn district’s strong fortified Haryana Jat Balika is committed to show its own suspicion in the WWE Circle. His train and Ustad Great Khali (Dilip Singh Rana) and Jinder Mahal are both WWE champions.
“Khali sir came only with me in the WWW ring,” said poetry who trained in Khalini’s Wrestling Academy in Jalandhar. He has a big contribution in my career. He has spread the fame of India on the international level. “Poetry (34) wrestled for more than 15 years before joining the WWE in 2016 and won the gold medal for India in the 2016 South Asian Games.

When the poem was questioned whether the WWE was a real competition or just entertainment, he said, “Entertainment in the WWE is a word if it has competition in reality. Athletes strike high on each other and injure them. This is all the basicity. “Poetry discussed in relation to his achievements and works, said,” I’m proud of the fact that I am providing inspiration for girls to come to this area. It is exciting to see girls take inspiration from me.

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