Facebook Messenger, Find Dark Mood, Know About This New Feature

New Delhi: Facebook Messenger will now be completely replaced. The company is now rediscovering Facebook Messenger. This messenger will be simple and clean, giving a better experience than before. The messenger’s layout has been changed. The company has announced this in its annual developer conference F8.

During the keynote speech of the F8 Developer Conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “When the users are sending messages they want a simple and fast experience, so the messenger has been redesigned keeping in mind all these things. This time the company has tried to keep it simple and clean.

The messenger is expected to give better support to the Ogmt Reality in the camera app given in the app. The special thing is that in the messenger dark mode will also be offered which is a lot of people’s mind. Facebook messenger has been disturbed by different features and page users for some time, so the company has now made it a clean and clean.

However, you will not get the benefit of the changes made in the messenger currently. It still has to wait for it. The company said that soon it will be announced for the users,

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