How To Download PUC Certificate Online

How To Download PUC Certificate Online : Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC Book), insurance cover, PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate and driver’s driving license documents must be carried while driving on Indian roads.

How to Download PUC Certificate Online? Any vehicle must have a PUC certificate. Driving without PUC certificate can lead to fines. Most of the people do not know how to download PUC certificate online. Don’t get tensed, information on how to get PUC certificate online download will be found in this article.

How To Download PUC Certificate Online
How To Download PUC Certificate Online

How To Download PUC Certificate Online

Post Name How to Download PUC Certificate Online
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What is PUC? (What is Puc)

PUC certificate means Pollution Under Control (Pollution Under Control and Public Utilities Commission) is a certificate issued by the PUC center after measuring the pollution caused by vehicles. All types of tests prescribed by MoRTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways) are conducted at the PUC center and at the end a certificate is issued which is known as PUC Certificate.

Download PUC Certificate Online

When you go to get the PUC certificate, the rear number plate of your bike is photographed by a web cam and the smoke parameters are captured and the vehicle information is entered. This complete process is online so you can download PUC certificate online anytime.

When you buy a new vehicle, the PUC certificate is issued by the company for 1 year. After one year, your vehicle needs to go to the PUC center every 6 months and undergo the required bike test and get the PUC certificate issued. If a vehicle is found to be polluting more than the prescribed limit, then the validity of its certificate is decided based on that and all the information about the vehicle is given to the RTO office.

Information provided in PUC Certificate

  • PUC Certificate No
  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Date of Enrollment
  • Mobile number
  • Emission Name
  • Type of fuel
  • PUC Code
  • Date issued by PUC
  • Time to submit PUC
  • Validity Date of PUC
  • Number plate of the vehicle
  • Information about the tests conducted

How to Download PUC Certificate Online?

Below is the step by step information. How to Download PUC Certificate Online

  • First go to the official website
  • Then click on PUC option.
  • Now click on PUC Certificate menu.
  • Now write the registration number.
  • Write the case number (last five digits).
  • Enter captcha code.
  • Click on PUC Details button.
  • PUC will show all your information which you download and then print.

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