If you want to take your car or bike for a VIP number, this is the process

Learn how to take a special number for your car or bike
Numbers have a lot of importance in our lives. Many people believe that a particular number is lucky for themselves and because of that they involve that number in everything they own. Especially people want to take their own lucky number or VIP number for their car or bike. Most VIP numbers are of this type, 0001, 0002, 0003, 0007, 0777, 0786, 0004, 1122, 1111, 2222 etc. This type of number can not be found at all. If you also want to take any VIP or Lucky number for your car or bike, you have to pay extra to the state transport department. Fancy number can be registered on the Government of India website parivahan.gov.in. Today we are telling how we can take a special number for cars or bikes ….

The number is found in this way
Generally, when buying a new car, it is given randomly by car or bike number through a special system of RTT. This number can be any, but if you want to take a favorite number, then for each of these states, the Transportation Department has different values ​​for different numbers.

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