Smartphone best settings

There are some settings in the Smartphone that we do not know. Today we are going to tell you two settings from here on the phone, so that you can fasten your Smartphone. After using this setting, the processing speed will increase as soon as the phone data and battery are saved. Currently smarton users are about to conserve the largest concentration battery and data. Also, if the phone’s speed fast setting is also found, then better. These settings are in the phone’s features that we can not use.

However, an expert in this regard says that the smartphone user can increase the speed of their phones but this depends on the version of Android and the software updates.

To make the other settings go to the phone’s settings and go to Account. Here you have to tap on the 3 dot. Now let’s turn it on Auto Sync. A message will be displayed on the phone screen than it is written, in which it will be written that it will save your data and battery


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