This change will be changed to your Aadhar Card, UIDAI

YUIDAI has introduced a new QR code for e-support. The QR code now includes the details of the base holder as well as its photo. UIDAI said that he has introduced a new QR code instead of the current QR code on e-base. In this QR code, any individual support of demographic details will also be a photo of it. UIDAI has now updated the new e-base for offline verification of any Individual.

Verification will be easyUntil now, this code only had information related to the base holder. The new code will also have its photo. It is worth mentioning that QR code is a form of barcode label. The machine can read secret instructions contained in it. Authorities said that institutions like banks can now also support CAD 4D verification offline.

Get these featuresThe e-base QR code reader software is available on the Nodal Body website on March 27, 2018. This feature of offline verification will be available to another option and it will be ensured that the support card holder will not be deprived of the facilities related to the support.

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